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Xml Sitemaps

As we recommend normal Sitemap (html version) should be there in website’s home page so that visitors can easily navigate the site, in the same sense XML version of sitemap should also be there in your website so that search engines can easily navigate your site. In simple words we can say, HTML version is for visitors and XML version of Sitemap is for the search engines. The various benefits of XML Sitemap are as follows:

1. With this you can be sure that your web pages listed in Google reflect the most recent descriptions and content.
2. With this you can tell Google about ur various links on the site.
3. You can also tell about the new content on your site.

You can make XML Sitemap for your website yourself if you know XML Language and there are various online generators also available. All you have to do just insert your url and online generators will generate the XML Sitemap for you . Just copy that and upload the file with XML extension (

Rss Feeds

Rss Means "Real Simply Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”. RSS are normally written in XML format. RSS Feeds provide webmasters and content providers an avenue to provide concise summaries to prospective readers. Thousands ofweb sites now publish content summaries in an RSS feed. RSS contains various links of the site, its title and content summary. Benefits of RSS Feeds:

With the help of RSS, information can easily be located.
It also helps Search Engines to know what is new in the site.
RSS is a great supplemental communication method.
RSS feeds are compiled according to the user's choices.
Various webmasters through out the web can easily share information through RSS Feeds.

If you want to make the RSS Feed yourself, you must have the knowledge of XML. But there is no need of that. There are various free "Online generators"of RSS Feeds available on internet.

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What "Google Analytics" Can Do For You:

To optimize a site is not a difficult task. Like to insert keywords and other Metas to your site is very simple and easy. But whats the use of that optimization through which you cant justify your progress. Google Analytics is the free service offered by Google through which you can easily make out how much traffic you are getting through your keywords and much more. There are various benefits of Google Analytics like it shows:

1. How much visits you have in a specified period of time.
2. How much traffic you are getting from Search Engines and how much direct traffic you are getting.
3. How many are new comers and returning visitors.
4. It also shows geo-graphical areas from where you are getting traffic.
5. It reveals which keywords are best for you like from which keywords you are getting maximum traffic and much more.

And to get that report is very simple……. Just go to Google Analytics, enter ur username and password and follow the instructions.

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Search Engine Optimization means SEO and Pay-Per-Clickmeans PPC are the two parameters of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Today is the world of Internet. Every activity from our daily lives goes with internet. Everyone wants to compete others. So it’s necessary, your site to be at #1 or at least at 1st page in various SERP for the specific keywords. Now the role of SEO and PPC comes in existence. They both are important for site ranking. There are various points of comparison in them which I am mentioning here under but only you have to decide which method is more beneficial for your site: 1. SEO provides the low cost traffic to your site but PPC costs you a lot.
2. SEO takes months to show up the results but PPC shows the result in less time.
3. PPC is the fastest way to get traffic for your site in comparison with SEO.
4. You have to pay huge amount to get high ranking in PPC but in SEO you don’t have to pay anything.
5. PPC is excellent if you are promoting your site for some specif…

Various Tips For PPC

There are various tips which should be kept in mind while doing PPC for your site which I am mentioning hereunder: 1. It’s not always good to be #1. Many people automatically click on the #1 result even if they have no interest in your product or services.
2. Be sure to include your keywords in title and description and content, as within the top 3 ranking slots, the best description gets the max. traffic.
3. Your keywords must be relevant to your content.
4. The keywords which are not relevant should be eliminated. Only choose your targeted keywords. Moreover purchase 10-20 keywords for the single site. Use highly targeted keywords not only general keywords.
5. Target your ads by location and language.
6. Always maintain a separate track for the traffic which you get from PPC ads.
7. Test and monitor your keywords or ads to get the best CTR. Thanks & Regards.

10 Major Benefits of PPC for your business

Pay Per Clicks is one of the most easiest ways to boost your website traffic by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories. There are many other benefits of PPC also which I am mentioning here under: 1.If your site is brand new then PPC is the best way to promote your site for specific keywords.
2.If you are promoting your site for some specific reason like holiday promotions, special sales, then PPC is the best options as you can purchase keywords for the specific time period.
3.In SEO you have to wait for sometime for your site to be ranked well but in PPC you don’t have to wait, you get your ranking instantly.
4.In PPC, ranking of your site is totally depends on your pocket, by time you will pay more your site will rank high.
5.You have an option to choose any keyword you like for your website in PPC.
6.Its very easy to achieve top ranking in PPC.
7.Its easy to purchase keywords.
8.You can be at top position for specific keywords for indefinite…

Another Way To Boost Your Website Traffic : Pay- Per- Clicks

Pay Per Clicks is one of the most easiest ways to boost your website traffic by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories. Pay-Per-Click is an inexpensive way of achieving targeted traffic. With Pay-Per-Clicks search engines, you bid on keywords/phrases that are most suitable for your business, your products, and not to forget your target audience. When someone searches for those keywords, your site will appear on the search results page. If someone clicks on your site, you're charged the amount you have bid. If they don't click, your account is not charged. Whoever is willing to pay the most for the keyword or keyword phrase will be at the top of the rankings. PPC listing generally show up in SERP under the heading “SPONSORED LINKS”. The major PPC Search Engines are as follows:

1. Overture: One of the important PPC Search Engine is “Overture” because of their extensive relationships they have in place with many of the major search engin…

Why Paid Directories:

A directory offering paid inclusion in its database is often termed as a paid directory. Paid directories are very common these days. Almost all the directories offer you paid listing. There is another parameter also for directories called “Free Listing” which is totally free but there are many advantages of paid listing over free listing which are as follows: 1. The approval time is very fast of paid listing as compare to free listing.
2. Most paid directories deliver high quality traffic.
3. It’s really helpful in increasing the page rank of the site.
4. Because these directories are less crowded than the free directories, there stands a good chance of being listed on a high PR page.
5. Paid listing is also long lasting.
6. With the small amount paid every year it gives usually high results.

Thanks & Regards.

Yahoo and MSN V/S Google for Your Site Optimization

As we all know Google was the most important and popular search engine few years back but in the last year Google has found itself thrust in an unfamiliar position. Now it has to share market with Yahoo also and the rise of MSN Search has further evened out the search engine playing field. Now Google occupies only an estimated 35 to 40 percent of the search engine market share. With Yahoo and MSN taking over another 40 to 50 percent, webmasters have had to readjust and consider optimizing their websites Yahoo and MSN as well. As every search engine gives a different level of importance to different factors, it pays not only to know which search engine is looking for what in your web pages, but to also know how to optimize your web pages so they rank as well as possible on different search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. As we all know Google has given primary importance to inbound quality links through various sources. So it is important to get as many quality links a…

The Importance of Sitemap for your site:

Importance of Sitemap for your site:Before writing on this topic, let me ask you one simple question……..Which page of your site you consider to be most important to you? Is it The Main Page? The Product Page? Order Now Page? Or may be any other …….. But many of us never consider our “Sitemap” to be most important. But it is true …… "Sitemap" is one of the most important pages that our site has. Sitemaps, as the name implies, are just a map of your site - i.e. on one single page you show the structure of your site, its sections, the links between them, etc. The various benefits of Sitemap are as follows:1. Sitemaps make navigating your site easier and having an updated sitemap on your site is good both for your users and for search engines. 2. If visitors are able to find information on your site quickly, they will surely come back.3. Sitemaps are an important way of communication with search engines. It offers the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any ch…

Conversion Rate V/S Traffic of your website

Many webmasters today focus only on getting more traffic to their web sites. No doubt getting traffic is very important, but it is much more important to increase the conversion rate of your web site."Conversion Rate"means how many visitors of your site have been converted into your actual customers. The conversion rate of your web site is the ratio of sales to visitors to your web site. If your web site gets 1, 00,000 visitors per month and 10,000 of these visitors purchase something from your web site, and then your conversion rate is 10%. There are various online program also that tell you about your conversion rate ratio.Now the major benefit of Conversion rate is like if you first increase your traffic and then with the help of that traffic if your conversion rate is increased then it will be less beneficial than you directly work on conversion rate to increase your sales…..Confused! Don’t Be….! Let me explain it to you with a very simple example like if in routine you…

Reasons: Why Google drops web sites from its index

The most common reason why web sites are removed from Google's index is that these web sites use shady tricks to get higher search engine rankings. Following is the list of dirty tricks used by different website owners to get high ranking:1.Cloaking: Search engine cloaking is a technique used by webmasters to enable them to get an advantage over other websites. It works on the idea that a 'fake' page is delivered to the various search engine spiders and robots while the real page is delivered to real human visitors.2.Doorway Pages: These are the pages setup specifically for search engines. Once the visitor reaches the page, they are then redirected to another website. These are also known as mirror pages.3. Hidden Text: A "really hidden" file/folder is one that cannot be seen in Windows Explorer after enabling it to "show all files," and cannot be seen in MS-DOS after receiving a proper directory listing from root.4.Under Construction Site: Last but not…

Google “Sandbox” Theory:

Today the main problem facing by almost all the website owners is “The Google Sandbox”. But many of us don’t know how to check whether our site is in “Sandbox” or not. So here is the simple definition for “Google Sandbox”. If your website does not appear in any SERP for your target list of keywords, or if your results are highly depressing even if you have lots of inbound links and on-page optimization, then your website has been Sandboxed. A common explanation offered for the Google Sandbox effect is the ‘Time Delay' factor. The reported sandbox period is extremely variable; ranging from 3 months to indefinite, the typical range though seems around 6-12 months. But this is not the actual funda. You can pull your site from Sandbox with a little effort because if you sit idle and do nothing for your site then your site will come out after the indeterminate period of time …… it is obvious, I suppose…… So what you can do to pull your site as soon as possible from Google Sandbox is …

5 Different Ways To Get High Quality Traffic For Your Website:

Would you like your site to be the first one listed in a search or at least on the first page? I think the answer is “Yes” for everyone. Therefore, the goal for this post is to point out which tactics are to be used to bring up your traffic while keeping costs low and keeping the integrity of your website up: 1.Search Engines: Search Engines are the top most important area to concentrate your website promotion. With a high ranking on Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Overture, or any of the other search engines online, you will get a high volume of high quality traffic to your site. 2.Text Links: If search engines are your top focus for website promotion, then text links should be at second priority. If you link your site to other high quality sites, which are having a PR 2 min. then you will definitely get high traffic from this source. You can approach to top 10 or top 100 sites for your specific keywords to get better results. But keep in mind the different guidelines before linking. There…

Google's Sitelinks : New Service from Google

Google is a bunch of services. You can enjoy large number of services from Google like Google Adword, Gmail and much more. Now Google has started a new service called “Google’s Sitelinks”. It includes a set of links from your website below your search results for the specific keywords. These additional links are called “Sitelinks”. These new entries are indented to give users a way to quickly navigate your site or to find more useful pages of your site in no time. It displays Sitelinks if a web site is an authority site for the search term. Sitelinks are very useful for the users. But I think it’s a great competition for the websites now as it is stated that sitelinks are created automatically for the time being. There is an algo which analyze the link structure of the site to find better results. But it displays result for only those websites which it thinks useful for the users. If the structure of your site doesn't allow an algorithms to find good Sitelinks, or the algo don…

3 Way linking process

3 Way linking is also known as 1 Way linking, or Non reciprocal linking. As the name suggests, 3 way linking involves 3 parties. In 3 way linking campaign, there would be no direct exchange of links. That is, there would be no outgoing links from that of the incoming links for the specific link page. But this is not as such simple, as it is difficult to maintain co-ordination between 3 parties. The 3 Parties are, firstly, the client for whom we are working like for an example,, Secondly, the party to whom we are approaching for link exchange like for an example and last but not the least the human directory made by approaching party ( say where it will provide links to approachable sites ( Following is the detail of an above example: approaches for link exchange on his link page, say But in return it will not provide link on rather it will provide link on human directory say This process is…
10 Major Benefits of Article Submissions: Article Submission is one of the best and powerful methods of getting ONE-WAY incoming links to your site. The Various benefits of Article Submissions are as follows: 1. It is an easy way to build links at cheap prices. 2. Search engine gives advantage to links pointing from content-rich pages. 3. If you are regular in submitting your articles, it ensures a steady flow of quality backlinks to your site. 4. It is the most successful marketing strategy. 5. Article submission is one of the main parts in link building process. 6. If you submit it in right category, it will definitely help you out. 7. It is the long term marketing compaign. 8. The best part of article submissions is this, it is free. 9. The article submission is very fast process. 10. You can easily promote your site through article submission by placing hyperlinks in the content of an article. You can get here the list of directories for article submissions. Thanks & Regards…
Link Popularity:Link popularity is very common in Internet Marketing. This is the method through which you can get maximum no. of links for your site. Link popularity has become an important factor in the ranking algorithms of most search engines. The maximum no. of links you have for your site, higher your ranking will be in SERP. You can check the link popularity for your site easily through and Following are the ways through which you can improve the link popularity of your site: 1. You can get reciprocal links for your site. 2. You can use 3 Way linking technique for link popularity. 3. You can get paid links for your site and once you get 2-3 links from 7 PR sites, your site will get indexed very soon in no time. 4. Another method is Blogging, through blogging you can link the main keywords in your blog to your site. 5. You can use the technique of Article Submission also. Submit articles related to your site to v…
Different Ways To Make Your Site friendlier To Visitors:What is the use of that site which doesn’t rank well just because of few silly mistakes? The crawlers & users will not find it suitable. So, to make your site more attractive both to users and crawlers just keep the following points in mind: 1.The web page of your site must load quickly. The loading time must not exceed 5 seconds as no one waits for your site to load more than 5 sec. 2. Don’t use doorway pages technique for your site, it considers to be bad practice both for users and spiders. 3. Don’t use any redirects for your site. You can use only 301 Redirectif you need to use that. 4. Your site must look good from all point of views like designing, background colors, use of images, color combinations, etc. 5. Your site must be easily accessible to all the users. 6. You must define about your site like, what is your product, why, what’s in your site for visitors in 1st paragraph of your homepage, so that you can attrack …
Optimization of an already optimized site: Optimization of a site is not a difficult task and makes it popular for specific keywords, again not so difficult but have you ever optimize an already optimized site. There are many points which you have to keep in mind while doing this because if you will not do it properly, you will loose the present ranking of your site very easily and in no time. So always take care of following points:1. Do not touch the keywords for which your site already ranks well because if you change those keywords obviously your site will loose the ranking for those keywords. But in any case if you want to change those keywords, do PPC for those, obviously your site will rank in sponsored links for those keywords and you can make your site ranks well for other keywords through SEO. 2. Only replace the keywords for which your site doesn’t rank well. 3. Add more relevant keywords in your MetaTags Thanks & Regards.
Different ways to rank well with Flash Sites:Various people use flash in their sites to make it more attractive and impressive but unfortunately flash cannot be indexed by almost all search engines. Therefore it will be very difficult to rank high in various SERP for flash sites. No doubt search engines now have technology to read flash pages also & sometimes it reads too but only sometimes, very rare. It is very difficult to optimize Flash pages for high search engine rankings. You can use following tricks: 1. Make some changes in Title Tag, Description tag or in some other specific tags. 2. Get more & more backlinks for your site. Link building is the best way to make your site rank well. The more links you get, the higher your rankings will be. 3. Auto Redirecting, it is the process of sending viewers & spiders to different pages where you can mention everything about your site. It is the easiest way to guide the spiders, where to go. 4. Don’t co…
How to write Content:Google gives preference only to fresh or original content. Content writing requires special knowledge because writing content for your site is somewhat different from writing content in general. So take care of following points while writing content:1. Always use live link in content’s body also. 2. Always provide informative content. 3. Focused on just one topic or closely related topics. 4. Always have proof for what you are writing. 5. Always check the spelling before submitting your content because a content with many spelling mistakes may be rejected by directories and if it is accepted and published, it will give very bad impression to your readers. 6. You can add other’s url like various tools (Hyperlinks) in your content to make your content more impressive and to provide helpful information to your readers. 7. Use html coding for live links (Hyperlinks).Thanks & Regards,
Use of Description tag & keyword tags:Description Tag: Description tag is the place where you can describe what your site is all about, so keep the following points in mind while preparing your description tag: 1. Description again comes under head tag. 2. The Description should be of 200 – 250 characters in length. 3. It must contain all your keywords which are specified for one page but it should be used in proper sense. 4. Describe your site to its fullest in this tag. 5. Prepare different description tags for different pages as it will allow you to describe about every page of your site. Keyword Tag: Keyword tag is used to tell the crawlers which keywords you are using for a specific page. For which keywords your site wants to rank in SERP. So pay attention to the following points: 1. Always specify 3 – 4 keywords for the webpage. Use of more than 4 keywords reflects “Keyword Stuffing”. 2. Always check search count, allintitle, allinanchor, google competition etc. for the spe…
Use of Title Tag:Title Tag: The Title Tag is one of the most important tag in achieving high search engine ranking. The title is the base of your site. This is the text from which the spiders come to know about your site, and what’s your site is all about. So, keep the following points in mind while working for title tag: 1. The HTML coding for a title tag comes under head tag.2. The words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP). So make your title most impressive and attractive. 3. It should be of 70 - 80 characters in length and it should starts with your most important keyword, so that your important keyword gets value from the very beginning and your site gets more popularity for the same keyword. 4. You can use company name in title tag but I think it of no use because no one will search you from your company name until and unless your company is too popular like Revlon, Lakme etc. 5. The title tag should be utilized to its…