Conversion Rate V/S Traffic of your website

Best internet marketing strategy Many webmasters today focus only on getting more traffic to their web sites. No doubt getting traffic is very important, but it is much more important to increase the conversion rate of your web site.

"Conversion Rate" means how many visitors of your site have been converted into your actual customers. The conversion rate of your web site is the ratio of sales to visitors to your web site. If your web site gets 1, 00,000 visitors per month and 10,000 of these visitors purchase something from your web site, and then your conversion rate is 10%. There are various online program also that tell you about your conversion rate ratio.

Now the major benefit of Conversion rate is like if you first increase your traffic and then with the help of that traffic if your conversion rate is increased then it will be less beneficial than you directly work on conversion rate to increase your sales…..Confused! Don’t Be….! Let me explain it to you with a very simple example like if in routine your customers are 100 and you sell a product to them that costs $50, now your actual income per month is $5000. Right…? Now you go for some techniques to increase your traffic and after that lets say your conversion rate is 1% (traffic=1000, customers=10). Now your actual income for the month will be $5500 ($5000 +$500). Now if you directly work for some techniques that increase your conversion rate to 3%. Now your actual income will be $6500 ($5000+$1500). Now it’s upon you what will u prefer $5500 per month or $6500 per month.

Last but not the least I would like to say is to just increase your “Conversion rate” rather than just work for the traffic of your website.

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