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Ranking Factors

Following are the methods which can help you rank high in SERPs:The more relevant links you have, the more pages of your site will be indexedSlow servers can cause problemsDuplicate content can cause problemsAffiliate pages don't get high rankingsRedirects work but they don't pass the whole PageRankLow quality pages can cause problemsGood website navigation can be helpfulBeware of paid links; Google does not like paid links

Methods to Improve Blog Rank

Improve blog ranking and marketing is no longer kids stuff. It’s beyond the sappy diary entries now. Its serious business, especially if your goal is to make money out of your blog. Here are some methods to promote your blogs and improve blog rank:Tags:Tags make it easier for people to find your blog post, and video and photos that are related. You can write the most informative blog in your niche but if it can not be found it can not get read. Tag your posts.Social Bookmarking:Bookmarking is an easy way to improve blog ranking and get traffic; the more you do it the more you’ll be noticed.Get Involved:Adding comments is a great way to sprinkle your links around. Note however, your comment must be informative and relate to the original post. Bloggers will grant your trackbacks when your comments are on topic and useful.Social Media:Use social media websites to get connected with others.Create Back Links:Create as much links as you can. Article syndication is still one of the most popu…