5 Different Ways To Get High Quality Traffic For Your Website:

Would you like your site to be the first one listed in a search or at least on the first page? I think the answer is “Yes” for everyone. Therefore, the goal for this post is to point out which tactics are to be used to bring up your traffic while keeping costs low and keeping the integrity of your website up: 1.Search Engines: Search Engines are the top most important area to concentrate your website promotion. With a high ranking on Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Overture, or any of the other search engines online, you will get a high volume of high quality traffic to your site. 2.Text Links: If search engines are your top focus for website promotion, then text links should be at second priority. If you link your site to other high quality sites, which are having a PR 2 min. then you will definitely get high traffic from this source. You can approach to top 10 or top 100 sites for your specific keywords to get better results. But keep in mind the different guidelines before linking. There are many ways for linking which you can check here. 3.Banner Ads: Banner ads can be an excellent way to advertise for your site online. With a clean, professional banner ad, you can find a myriad of sites willing to trade banners with you, or at least willing to put your banner on their site for a small fee or on a pay per click basis. 4.Directory Listing: Directory Listing is an other powerful method to increase the traffic for your website. You can easily submit your site in different directories. 5.Article Submissions: Last but not the least you can get high quality traffic for your website through Article Submissions. Thanks & Regards.

Google's Sitelinks : New Service from Google

Google is a bunch of services. You can enjoy large number of services from Google like Google Adword, Gmail and much more. Now Google has started a new service called “Google’s Sitelinks”. It includes a set of links from your website below your search results for the specific keywords. These additional links are called “Sitelinks”. These new entries are indented to give users a way to quickly navigate your site or to find more useful pages of your site in no time. It displays Sitelinks if a web site is an authority site for the search term. Sitelinks are very useful for the users. But I think it’s a great competition for the websites now as it is stated that sitelinks are created automatically for the time being. There is an algo which analyze the link structure of the site to find better results. But it displays result for only those websites which it thinks useful for the users. If the structure of your site doesn't allow an algorithms to find good Sitelinks, or the algo don't think that the Sitelinks for your site are relevant for the user's query, it will not display them. Thanks & Regards.

3 Way linking process

3 Way linking is also known as 1 Way linking, or Non reciprocal linking. As the name suggests, 3 way linking involves 3 parties. In 3 way linking campaign, there would be no direct exchange of links. That is, there would be no outgoing links from that of the incoming links for the specific link page. But this is not as such simple, as it is difficult to maintain co-ordination between 3 parties. The 3 Parties are, firstly, the client for whom we are working like for an example, abc.com, Secondly, the party to whom we are approaching for link exchange like for an example xyz.com and last but not the least the human directory made by approaching party (abc.com) say mno.com where it will provide links to approachable sites (xyz.com). Following is the detail of an above example: abc.com approaches xyz.com for link exchange on his link page, say xyz.com/links. But in return it will not provide link on abc.com/links rather it will provide link on human directory say mno.com. This process is called 3 Way linking or Non reciprocal linking.
Thanks & Regards.
10 Major Benefits of Article Submissions: Article Submission is one of the best and powerful methods of getting ONE-WAY incoming links to your site. The Various benefits of Article Submissions are as follows: 1. It is an easy way to build links at cheap prices. 2. Search engine gives advantage to links pointing from content-rich pages. 3. If you are regular in submitting your articles, it ensures a steady flow of quality backlinks to your site. 4. It is the most successful marketing strategy. 5. Article submission is one of the main parts in link building process. 6. If you submit it in right category, it will definitely help you out. 7. It is the long term marketing compaign. 8. The best part of article submissions is this, it is free. 9. The article submission is very fast process. 10. You can easily promote your site through article submission by placing hyperlinks in the content of an article. You can get here the list of directories for article submissions. Thanks & Regards.
Link Popularity: Link popularity is very common in Internet Marketing. This is the method through which you can get maximum no. of links for your site. Link popularity has become an important factor in the ranking algorithms of most search engines. The maximum no. of links you have for your site, higher your ranking will be in SERP. You can check the link popularity for your site easily through http://linkpopularity.com and http://www.checkyourlinkpopularity.com. Following are the ways through which you can improve the link popularity of your site: 1. You can get reciprocal links for your site. 2. You can use 3 Way linking technique for link popularity. 3. You can get paid links for your site and once you get 2-3 links from 7 PR sites, your site will get indexed very soon in no time. 4. Another method is Blogging, through blogging you can link the main keywords in your blog to your site. 5. You can use the technique of Article Submission also. Submit articles related to your site to various article submission directories. 6. Use PPC for specific keywords. 7. You can do Directory Submissions also. It will also help you out. Thanks & Regards.
Different Ways To Make Your Site friendlier To Visitors: What is the use of that site which doesn’t rank well just because of few silly mistakes? The crawlers & users will not find it suitable. So, to make your site more attractive both to users and crawlers just keep the following points in mind: 1.The web page of your site must load quickly. The loading time must not exceed 5 seconds as no one waits for your site to load more than 5 sec. 2. Don’t use doorway pages technique for your site, it considers to be bad practice both for users and spiders. 3. Don’t use any redirects for your site. You can use only 301 Redirect if you need to use that. 4. Your site must look good from all point of views like designing, background colors, use of images, color combinations, etc. 5. Your site must be easily accessible to all the users. 6. You must define about your site like, what is your product, why, what’s in your site for visitors in 1st paragraph of your homepage, so that you can attrack users and spiders on the very first look. 7. Don’t annoy your visitors with animations which they cannot see. 8. Always respect other’s time. 9. Test your site with different web browsers because the properties of web browsers are always different, may be your site will not be suitable for some specific web browser. 10.Always update your services, give people what they want. Don’t write any false statement or services in your site. Thanks & Regards.