How to Promote Videos

Video is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of more visitors or traffic. You can easily create video and upload it to the YouTube or any other video website to attract visitors and to make more revenue to your business. There are many ways to promote videos like:

  • Tag and describe your videos. The title should be catchy one.
  • Share your video with others.
  • Short videos are always good as long videos take time to upload.
  • Find related videos and share your video with them.
  • Create back links for your video like through article submissions, links in blogs, leave comments on other’s blog, social bookmarking and press releases.
  • Talk about your videos in Discussion Forums to let others know about your video.
  • Popularize your video as much as you can.

How to Optimize AdSense Program

Google AdSense is another service provided by Google like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Gmail and much more. Google Ad Sense is one such technique. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and more recently, video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Ways to Optimize AdSense Program:

  • Ad Location: Place Your Ads At the most suitable location of your webpage so that visitors can notice these ads easily. The best places are at the end of the article, between two paragraphs, above or below the first post etc. Never place your ad below the footer navigation.
  • Ad Format: Horizontal bias still favors the Leader board in case of multiple ad units. The best formats are 336*280 (Large Rectangle), 300*250 (Medium Rectangle) and 160*600 (Wide Skyscraper).
  • Ad Colours: The shades you are using for your ad campaign must match with the background colour of your website. If the colour sticks out too much, reader may immediately identify it as ad campaign and not even look at them. Also frequent readers may stop reading ads.
  • Experiments: Do as much experiments as you can with your ads and find the best combinations that can give you more revenue.
  • Image Ads: Turning Image ads on to attract more visitors towards ads and maximize revenue.
  • Link units: Use link units. It doesn’t take up much space and also allows visitors to refine what they are interested in.
  • Adsense for Search: You can add Google search engine within your site to give visitors a search function and also allow them to click on your adsense program. Let them search the web from your website.
  • Quality Content:Use unique and quality content to attract more visitors to your website.
  • Bad Practice: Never click on your own ads.

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