Optimization of an already optimized site: Optimization of a site is not a difficult task and makes it popular for specific keywords, again not so difficult but have you ever optimize an already optimized site. There are many points which you have to keep in mind while doing this because if you will not do it properly, you will loose the present ranking of your site very easily and in no time. So always take care of following points: 1. Do not touch the keywords for which your site already ranks well because if you change those keywords obviously your site will loose the ranking for those keywords. But in any case if you want to change those keywords, do PPC for those, obviously your site will rank in sponsored links for those keywords and you can make your site ranks well for other keywords through SEO. 2. Only replace the keywords for which your site doesn’t rank well. 3. Add more relevant keywords in your MetaTags Thanks & Regards.
Different ways to rank well with Flash Sites: Various people use flash in their sites to make it more attractive and impressive but unfortunately flash cannot be indexed by almost all search engines. Therefore it will be very difficult to rank high in various SERP for flash sites. No doubt search engines now have technology to read flash pages also & sometimes it reads too but only sometimes, very rare. It is very difficult to optimize Flash pages for high search engine rankings. You can use following tricks: 1. Make some changes in Title Tag, Description tag or in some other specific tags. 2. Get more & more backlinks for your site. Link building is the best way to make your site rank well. The more links you get, the higher your rankings will be. 3. Auto Redirecting, it is the process of sending viewers & spiders to different pages where you can mention everything about your site. It is the easiest way to guide the spiders, where to go. 4. Don’t compress your swf files. 5. Use xml files for your website. Thanks & Regards.

How to write Content:

Google gives preference only to fresh or original content. Content writing requires special knowledge because writing content for your site is somewhat different from writing content in general. So take care of following points while writing content:

1. Always use live link in content’s body also. 2. Always provide informative content. 3. Focused on just one topic or closely related topics. 4. Always have proof for what you are writing. 5. Always check the spelling before submitting your content because a content with many spelling mistakes may be rejected by directories and if it is accepted and published, it will give very bad impression to your readers. 6. You can add other’s url like various tools (Hyperlinks) in your content to make your content more impressive and to provide helpful information to your readers. 7. Use html coding for live links (Hyperlinks).

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Use of Description tag & keyword tags: Description Tag: Description tag is the place where you can describe what your site is all about, so keep the following points in mind while preparing your description tag: 1. Description again comes under head tag. 2. The Description should be of 200 – 250 characters in length. 3. It must contain all your keywords which are specified for one page but it should be used in proper sense. 4. Describe your site to its fullest in this tag. 5. Prepare different description tags for different pages as it will allow you to describe about every page of your site. Keyword Tag: Keyword tag is used to tell the crawlers which keywords you are using for a specific page. For which keywords your site wants to rank in SERP. So pay attention to the following points: 1. Always specify 3 – 4 keywords for the webpage. Use of more than 4 keywords reflects “Keyword Stuffing”. 2. Always check search count, allintitle, allinanchor, google competition etc. for the specified keywords and select the most appropriate keywords for your site. 3. Check what keywords your competitors are using. 4. Always specify your geographical area in your keywords. 5. Always select your keywords which people use in general and they are less competitive. Thanks & Regards.
Use of Title Tag: Title Tag: The Title Tag is one of the most important tag in achieving high search engine ranking. The title is the base of your site. This is the text from which the spiders come to know about your site, and what’s your site is all about. So, keep the following points in mind while working for title tag: 1. The HTML coding for a title tag comes under head tag. 2. The words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP). So make your title most impressive and attractive. 3. It should be of 70 - 80 characters in length and it should starts with your most important keyword, so that your important keyword gets value from the very beginning and your site gets more popularity for the same keyword. 4. You can use company name in title tag but I think it of no use because no one will search you from your company name until and unless your company is too popular like Revlon, Lakme etc. 5. The title tag should be utilized to its fullest. 6. Always prepare different title tags for different pages of your website. 7. Search Engines rank the site in the order from the 1st title word to the last word placed in the title, so always avoid “ The, An, Or…..etc.” as its first word. 8. In fact avoid these words from whole title tag to make it more attractive. 9. Only use targeted keywords in title tag otherwise it reflects as “Keyword Stuffing”.