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Is The Green Value Given in Google Toolbar, Commonly Known as “PR” of the Webpage is Always Right?

As we discussed earlier also “Page Rank” is very important and one the factors to calculate ranking of the website in different SERP for specific keywords. Most of the webmasters consider “PR” as the most important factor while searching or buying quality links for their websites and buying new domain names. At that time, "ARE u SURE" the Page Rank you are looking for the particular webpage is “RIGHT”?

In today’s world, website owners can easily increase the PR value of the website by just applying 301 or 302 redirects that point their sites to sites with a high Page rank. However, you can easily check whether the given URL has TRUE or FAKE PAGE RANK VALUE:

Use the tool
Search Google for, (replace with your URL), if you find no results or if the returned URLs don't match the original URL, then it's likely that the page rank has been faked. And if you find the same URL as the checked URL then the PR…

Techniques to Promote Blogs

Blogging is one of the best methods to promote your website in various search engines.However, just creation of blog and regular posting is not sufficient. You have to promote your blog as well so that it gets more & more quality traffic.

Techniques to Promote Blogs:Comment on other relevant blogs
Social Bookmarking
Blog Submissions
RSS Submissions
Insert Google Sitemap in blog
Add relevent links to your blog
Participate in discussion forums
Article Submissions for blogs
Regular Posting