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Difference Between Organic and Paid Search Results

Organic Search Results: 
In order to achieve better rankings in SERPs, we should prepare our website for Search Engines by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It includes: 
Website Analysis: This is the first step where you need to check your website and analyze it.
Competitors Website Analysis: This is where you need to check your competitors like which keywords they are working with and which strategy they are following for rankings.

Keywords Research and Analysis: Based on your business/services and competitor's analysis report, find the best keywords suitable for your business.

Creation of Meta Tags: Meta Tags is one of the important factors as it represents your business to search engines and visitors. Create them wisely.

Changes in Coding: Navigation Optimization, Content Optimization, Anchor Optimization, Image Optimization, URL Optimization, Header Optimization, Footer Optimization, Usage of common tags like Header, Bold, Italic and Underline tags come under this section, where y…