Why Paid Directories:

A directory offering paid inclusion in its database is often termed as a paid directory. Paid directories are very common these days. Almost all the directories offer you paid listing. There is another parameter also for directories called “Free Listing” which is totally free but there are many advantages of paid listing over free listing which are as follows:

1. The approval time is very fast of paid listing as compare to free listing.
2. Most paid directories deliver high quality traffic.
3. It’s really helpful in increasing the page rank of the site.
4. Because these directories are less crowded than the free directories, there stands a good chance of being listed on a high PR page.
5. Paid listing is also long lasting.
6. With the small amount paid every year it gives usually high results.

Thanks & Regards.

Yahoo and MSN V/S Google for Your Site Optimization

As we all know Google was the most important and popular search engine few years back but in the last year Google has found itself thrust in an unfamiliar position. Now it has to share market with Yahoo also and the rise of MSN Search has further evened out the search engine playing field. Now Google occupies only an estimated 35 to 40 percent of the search engine market share. With Yahoo and MSN taking over another 40 to 50 percent, webmasters have had to readjust and consider optimizing their websites Yahoo and MSN as well.

As every search engine gives a different level of importance to different factors, it pays not only to know which search engine is looking for what in your web pages, but to also know how to optimize your web pages so they rank as well as possible on different search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and others.

As we all know Google has given primary importance to inbound quality links through various sources. So it is important to get as many quality links as you can for your site. The maximum no. of links you have for your site, higher your ranking will be in SERP. For this “Link Building” is the best solution. This is the method through which you can get maximum no. of links for your site.

But on the contrary Yahoo and MSN has given more importance to on-page optimization. That's not to say that they don't consider off-page factors; it's just that both MSN and Yahoo give far greater importance to on-page factors than does Google.

For getting higher ranking in Yahoo and MSN you have to work hard for on-page optimization like you have to work for the various metas like title, description, keywords etc.,content( H1 tag, H2 tag, bullets, italic, bold, underline etc.), and definitely internal linking of all pages, with in the site itself.

So, just optimize your site for all search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and all) through both on-page and off-page factors. Both are important for your site.

The Importance of Sitemap for your site:

Importance of Sitemap for your site:Before writing on this topic, let me ask you one simple question……..Which page of your site you consider to be most important to you? Is it The Main Page? The Product Page? Order Now Page? Or may be any other …….. But many of us never consider our “Sitemap” to be most important. But it is true …… "Sitemap" is one of the most important pages that our site has.

Sitemaps, as the name implies, are just a map of your site - i.e. on one single page you show the structure of your site, its sections, the links between them, etc. The various benefits of Sitemap are as follows:

1. Sitemaps make navigating your site easier and having an updated sitemap on your site is good both for your users and for search engines.

2. If visitors are able to find information on your site quickly, they will surely come back.

3. Sitemaps are an important way of communication with search engines. It offers the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site.

4. Also you can invite search engines directly if you submit your sitemap page to various search engines, you need not to rely to various external links that will bring search engines to your site.

5. Sitemaps need not be just a series of links in a tabular form. You can also provide details for each section and sub-section through descriptive text.

The steps you need to perform in order to have a sitemap for your site are simple. First, you need to generate it, then you upload it to your site, and finally you notify Google about it. You can generate sitemap with your own coding or there are various Online Sitemap Generators are also available on internet these days. The last but not the least step is to notify Google about your sitemap.

So i think now you agree with me that Sitemap page is one of the most important pages that your website has. Isn't it...????

Thanks & Regards.

Conversion Rate V/S Traffic of your website

Best internet marketing strategy Many webmasters today focus only on getting more traffic to their web sites. No doubt getting traffic is very important, but it is much more important to increase the conversion rate of your web site.

"Conversion Rate" means how many visitors of your site have been converted into your actual customers. The conversion rate of your web site is the ratio of sales to visitors to your web site. If your web site gets 1, 00,000 visitors per month and 10,000 of these visitors purchase something from your web site, and then your conversion rate is 10%. There are various online program also that tell you about your conversion rate ratio.

Now the major benefit of Conversion rate is like if you first increase your traffic and then with the help of that traffic if your conversion rate is increased then it will be less beneficial than you directly work on conversion rate to increase your sales…..Confused! Don’t Be….! Let me explain it to you with a very simple example like if in routine your customers are 100 and you sell a product to them that costs $50, now your actual income per month is $5000. Right…? Now you go for some techniques to increase your traffic and after that lets say your conversion rate is 1% (traffic=1000, customers=10). Now your actual income for the month will be $5500 ($5000 +$500). Now if you directly work for some techniques that increase your conversion rate to 3%. Now your actual income will be $6500 ($5000+$1500). Now it’s upon you what will u prefer $5500 per month or $6500 per month.

Last but not the least I would like to say is to just increase your “Conversion rate” rather than just work for the traffic of your website.

Thanks & Regards.

Reasons: Why Google drops web sites from its index

The most common reason why web sites are removed from Google's index is that these web sites use shady tricks to get higher search engine rankings. Following is the list of dirty tricks used by different website owners to get high ranking:

1.Cloaking: Search engine cloaking is a technique used by webmasters to enable them to get an advantage over other websites. It works on the idea that a 'fake' page is delivered to the various search engine spiders and robots while the real page is delivered to real human visitors.

2.Doorway Pages: These are the pages setup specifically for search engines. Once the visitor reaches the page, they are then redirected to another website. These are also known as mirror pages.

3. Hidden Text: A "really hidden" file/folder is one that cannot be seen in Windows Explorer after enabling it to "show all files," and cannot be seen in MS-DOS after receiving a proper directory listing from root.

4.Under Construction Site: Last but not the least the reason why Google drops your site from its index is when the crawler comes to index your site, it is under construction. Now, if you use any other technique that's only for tricking search engines then you can be sure that your web site will be banned as soon as Google finds out. Don't try to cheat Google, it will backfire on you.

Thanks & Regards.

Google “Sandbox” Theory:

Today the main problem facing by almost all the website owners is “The Google Sandbox”. But many of us don’t know how to check whether our site is in “Sandbox” or not. So here is the simple definition for “Google Sandbox”. If your website does not appear in any SERP for your target list of keywords, or if your results are highly depressing even if you have lots of inbound links and on-page optimization, then your website has been Sandboxed. A common explanation offered for the Google Sandbox effect is the ‘Time Delay' factor. The reported sandbox period is extremely variable; ranging from 3 months to indefinite, the typical range though seems around 6-12 months. But this is not the actual funda. You can pull your site from Sandbox with a little effort because if you sit idle and do nothing for your site then your site will come out after the indeterminate period of time …… it is obvious, I suppose…… So what you can do to pull your site as soon as possible from Google Sandbox is to get high quality backlinks. Link building is the most powerful method to grape high ranking in SERP. This means that the time that you spend in the Google Sandbox is directly linked to when you start acquiring quality links for your website. So promoting your website the moment you create your website, not when your website is ‘ready'. Don't make the mistake of waiting for your website to be ‘perfect'. Now, if you use cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages or any other technique that's only for tricking search engines then you can be sure that your web site will be banned as soon as Google finds out. Don't try to cheat Google, it will backfire on you. Thanks & Regards.