Following are the major benefits of .htaccess file:

  1. Password protecting folders.
  2. Redirecting users automatically.
  3. Custom error pages.
  4. Changing your file extensions.
  5. Banning users with certain IP addresses.
  6. Only allowing users with certain IP addresses.
  7. Redirect not just single files but entire folders, or even entire web sites.

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Role of Page Rank

Page Rank, normally known as “PR” is a numeric value that represents the importance of the webpage on the web. Page Rank is one the factors to calculate rank of the website in different SERP for specific keywords as there are many other factors also which are equally contributed in the calculation of ranking. PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. The highest the PR for the webpage, the better it will be. Google gives the PR out of 10.

Now in the process of calculating PR, Google gives highest weight age to the "LINKS". Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The maximum votes the page has, maximum will be the chances for the page rank because it is assumed that, maximum the votes, important the page must be.

But the links or votes should be quality links. Google normally identify bad links (Link farms, FFA, theme less pages etc.) and gives no importance to them. So its good to have quality links for your site.

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Google AdSense - Make More Money Through Google Ads On Your Site

Do you want to earn more REVENUE from your website? The answer must be “YES”, Am I right? So here is the 1 service provided by Google called “Google AdSense” through which every website owner can display Google ads on their websites and earn more and more money. As these ads are related to your theme or website, it will be beneficial for both the parties. The opposite party gets popularity through your site and of course you get the money.

The procedure of “Google Adsense” is that website owner displays the other’s website’s ads on their content page. When the visitor finds that other website useful, they usually click on that to know more about that website. Now this click is beneficial for you, you will get certain amount of money from that other website for every click pointing to its site. This procedure is known as “Google AdSense”.

There are very fast and easy steps to follow for the Google AdSense service. Just go to Google AdSense Page and follow the instructions carefully.

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Directory Submissions

Achieving good search engine visibility has become a necessity for every website today. Hundreds and thousands of businesses compete with one another in order to generate more and more business through their websites. There are many techniques through which a website can get high ranking. Directory Submissions is one of the effective ways to promote your site. You can submit a website in thousand of directories, there is no problem in that. The best part of directory Submission is; this is free of cost. Through Directory Submissions you can easily invite crawlers to come and read your site.

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