What "Google Analytics" Can Do For You:

To optimize a site is not a difficult task. Like to insert keywords and other Metas to your site is very simple and easy. But whats the use of that optimization through which you cant justify your progress. Google Analytics is the free service offered by Google through which you can easily make out how much traffic you are getting through your keywords and much more. There are various benefits of Google Analytics like it shows:

1. How much visits you have in a specified period of time.
2. How much traffic you are getting from Search Engines and how much direct traffic you are getting.
3. How many are new comers and returning visitors.
4. It also shows geo-graphical areas from where you are getting traffic.
5. It reveals which keywords are best for you like from which keywords you are getting maximum traffic and much more.

And to get that report is very simple……. Just go to Google Analytics, enter ur username and password and follow the instructions.

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