Various Tips For PPC

There are various tips which should be kept in mind while doing PPC for your site which I am mentioning hereunder:

1. It’s not always good to be #1. Many people automatically click on the #1 result even if they have no interest in your product or services.
2. Be sure to include your keywords in title and description and content, as within the top 3 ranking slots, the best description gets the max. traffic.
3. Your keywords must be relevant to your content.
4. The keywords which are not relevant should be eliminated. Only choose your targeted keywords. Moreover purchase 10-20 keywords for the single site. Use highly targeted keywords not only general keywords.
5. Target your ads by location and language.
6. Always maintain a separate track for the traffic which you get from PPC ads.
7. Test and monitor your keywords or ads to get the best CTR.

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Anonymous said...

These are good tips for PPC purpose. All the best for your blog.