Can Search Engines Read Your CSS Files?

Firstly you tell me …. Do you think search engines can read your external CSS files? Your answer must be “NO”. But its possible, search engines can read your CSS files now.

With the help of CSS files you can easily change the total outlook of the site without touching the HTML coding, means your HTML coding is always same but the CSS file that is used to display the HTML code changes.

Unfortunately, some webmasters try to fool search engines with that technique. Many webmasters with the help of CSS files can hide the content from their site visitors. Webmasters can put keyword rich content in the HTML code of their web pages that search engines can index. The same text can be hidden from human web surfers by using CSS means the content crawled by crawler is totally different and read by visitors is different.

To avoid this practice now search engines can read your external CSS files also and if they find anything wrong or something like above mentioned practice, they penalize your site.

So beware of this next time and DON’T try to fool search engines.

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